Welcome to our blog, hopefully we can update this as our travels progress, I hope this works! Please feel free to chip-in with your comments


11 Responses to “Hullo”

  1. Tim Says:

    Just a test to see if this works!

  2. Joe Says:

    ‘That’s my Dad!’

  3. Chris Says:

    Oh you mean Tim Phew!!!

  4. hilary stratford Says:

    so where are you? surfing the dunes? knew you should have taken Blackberries for the remote bits.

  5. No.4 Says:

    great to hear the truck is performing well especially pulling the other cars out of the sand dunes – you will miss the old girl – and the truck!!!

  6. No.4 asks Says:

    so what is a camels sphinctum like? any different to a goats?

  7. Indeed! Says:

    where’s Chris gone?

  8. No.4 Says:

    hilary asks – anyone for cava???

  9. Jayne Says:

    Good to get your text and hear you survived the desert in style.Mother is still trying to work out how to retrieve your message.Dad is walking Georgia in the rain.Cheers

  10. Delma Says:

    Glad to hear your safe and well and in Banjul, hope the auction does OK, see you soon and I’d like some Cava too.

  11. Helen Thomas;Solva Says:

    Hi and well done chaps! Sounds like a really good way to escape the January blues – it’s bleedin’ miserable here. Stay safe; hope Sam’s behaving herself! xx

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