Stuff we need…

Things we need for the trip are 2 caravan mattresses, 3 jerry cans, 2 warning triangles, spotlights, a small tent, camping stove (not gas), tow rope, first aid kit, old mobile phones (bribes at borders!), large quantity of ball point pens (to hand out to children), a 12 volt kettle,12 volt dashboard fan, old surfboards… if you think you can help us out shout!


6 Responses to “Stuff we need…”

  1. John & Jacqui Says:

    Hi Tim, we shall get you one of the warning triangles. As you know we come from over the water, so we were already used to having them; one to spare. Sounds like quite an adventure. Good luck!

  2. harvatt Says:

    nice one… it’s started!

  3. harvatt Says:

    OK we’ve got two warning triangles and a tent! Now we’ve been told we need to take skiing goggles for the desert!

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