OK here we are in Morocco, made it through the customs at Tangiers, no problem, in 45 minutes with lots of bits of paper changing hands, even though we were warned that it could take up to 7 hours.

First night stop was meant to be in Sale but site was grim so we pushed on for Casablanca and as the light faded ended up in a lush hotel just north.

Nice hotel!

Long drive to Marrakesh next day and arrived in convoy with the three Latvian cars. Countryside is total contrasts, one moment rocks and sand the next lush valleys. Strange New Years Eve in Marrakesh, did the Djemma el Fna complete with snake charmers but ended up back at hotel with a dry bar by 11.30! Not as good as Little Haven! Off to coast on New Years Day and finally a surf at Mysteries, while Chris chats up 2 girls from South Pembs. First night under canvas (or rather tin) at another grim campsite at Taghazoute, with better waves next day at Panoramas and Banana Point.

Chris cruising at Panoramas

Arrive at Agadir burnt and tired and meet back up with Rod and Colin in the Africa Queen (a 20 year old Merc, Pushing south with them tomorrow to Llayoune. Truck is running like a watch, 500 miles to the Moroccan Sahara border in 2 days?… of course she’ll make it! PS the speaker is fixed!

13 Responses to “Morocco”

  1. Nicole Heaton Says:

    Well Done Guys. Hope the rest of the journey goes smoothly and the truck is delivered safely. All the best for 2007.

  2. Rik Llewellin Says:

    Well done boys, hope you score some good waves on the way down, and get a good price for the motor, mind you I’m sure a Landrover would have been a far better bet.

  3. Dai Kayll Says:

    Hope you lads decided to film your trip?.Does and don’t type of thing for future adventurers to Banjul.Film the secret,unsurfed spots on your way down and then bring untold wealth to the area and they’ll give you the freedom of the village involved and some goats too I should imagine!Think,a goat herd all to yourselves?.Thats not to be scoffed at lads!.
    Two girls from south Pembs. usually means theres more somewhere!?.Hairdressers from a Tenby campsite on an exchange holiday with counterparts in Marrakesh is my bet.
    Good job lads,chin up,and press on.We’re all rooting for you here back in Blighty,and convinced it’ll all be over by christmas!!>

  4. SCOTT Says:

    Happy New Year Buzzy&Tim. good luck on your adventure hope you get more good waves further south.All the best Scott

  5. Tim Says:

    for some reason not able to access site to update, so… Left a very pleasant Agadir for Laayoune but failed to get there by dark so spent the night at Tan Tan plage in very nice French B and B. Long 10 hour, uneventful drive to Dakla with last two hours in the dark, not fun. Police stops every town but no bribes yet, just a bottle of water and a can of beer. Arrived at Dakla campsite late and most teams here now, off at 6 tomorrow am with local guide and 4 other cars for 4 days of desert and camping by a sand dune. Surfed magic point today with no one else in the water, air is hot but water still cool. Truck is still going really well, will try more complete update other side of the desert. Tim and Chris

  6. The Morgies Says:

    07/01/07. Just got home from Canada following our adventure. Slightly different scenery!!! Skiing was quite sureal hearing from two mates in West Africa!!The text messages have kept us laughing – a camel with lipstick makes a change from sheep! Brace yourself Sam! Keep on trucking and looking forward to a few beers in ‘The Haven’.

  7. Neil Price Says:

    Hello Guys,
    And a Happy New Year. Weather is terrible here, lots of rain and wind, dark skies and no sun – very jealous of all your fine weather. Good luck with the truck and keep us all posted on the blog.
    All the best of luck, Neil

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