Left a very pleasant Agadir for Laayoune but failed to get there by dark so spent the night at Tan Tan plage in very nice French B and B. Long 10 hour, uneventful drive to Dakhla with last two hours in the dark, not fun. Police stops every town but no bribes yet, just a bottle of water and a can of beer.

Rod and Chris decide shall we have the lamb tagine or the lamb tagine for lunch?

Arrived at Dakhla campsite late and well deserved rest day. Most teams here now, off at 6 am tomorrow with Mohammed our local guide (costing 300 Euros!) and 5 other cars: Rod & Colin, Team Arty Hearties (Merc); Joe & Brian, Speedy & Gonzales (Golf); Rod & Ute, Team Magic Roundabout (Renault 5); Tim & Carl, The Scurvy Dogs (Fiat Tempra) and Graham & Brian, Team Luck and Judgement (Peugeot 405) – for 4 days of desert and camping by a sand dune. Surfed magic, unnamed point today with no one else in the water, air is hot but water still cool. Truck is still going really well, will try more complete update other side of the desert.

Doing a ‘deal’ with Mohammed the Unsteady

9 Responses to “Dakhla”

  1. Gra and Marg Says:

    Glad to read that you’re through the desert safely – good luck for the last lap (and for the ferry)! Even makes life in Llangwm seem pretty mundane. (The Merlins Bridge traffic lights should be a doddle for you from now on.)

    We look forward to the photos…

  2. No.4 Says:

    see nov. 15th comments – oops!!

  3. shut the .... up ..... Says:

    no 4 surely it’s sphincta.
    just been raided by talbenny customs no cava left can you bring some back from banjul.
    i know a good place to eat on banjul high street ,that does special offers free camel with every bottle sold.

  4. No.4 Says:

    depends which way you look at it!! they have crossed the equator!!

  5. PCC (recycling) Says:

    PRESS RELEASE – Bottle bank facility moving from Tesco car park to Talbenny!

  6. Joe n Holly Says:

    Party @ Bramley Bank!!!

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