Mauritania & Senegal

Left Dakhla for Mauritania with horror stories of border crossing… breezed through in 4 hours, a challenge record and yes the Mauritania customs is still a shed in the desert and the mine field between the countries was interesting! Now in real desert amd made Nouadhibou by evening, this town is like a scene fron Mad Max and rumoured to be run by the local mafia, althouth the campsite was OK and secure but why the most expensive so far, in the poorest country? No MOT’s or tax on any cars, and as long as you don’t go above 20mph at night you don’t need car lights!

Gin and Pot Noddles in Nouadhibou

Next two nights under desert skies, without the Isuzu to pull them out of the sand most of our group’s cars would still be there, especially the Fiat! The scores on the door of the Isuzu are mounting up with nearly a dozen tows for the Tempra. Amazing sights, total silence at night but also utter poverty in the few villages we pass.

First night in desert

Wasn’t it left at that last dune?

The Scores on the Door!

Last night in Mauritania spent in ‘hotel’ at Nouakchott, again more expensive than UK! Very early start because of stories of huge hassles at the Mauritania/Senegal border but we sailed through in 3 hours (plus 8 hours driving along a dirt track) and quite a few euros changing hands.

Every police check point now asks for a ‘present’ – they seem happy with tins of fruit salad and biros!

Arrive tired and dusty in Senegal at very good campsite ‘Zebrabar’ and our first legal beers for over a week (it’s banned in Mauritania). Lots of other challenge groups now turning up at Zebrabar with horror stories of car problems during desert stage, sounds as if we got off lightly. Leading the challenge is the streched limo from Barry, but they did skip the desert!

‘Rest day’ and boat trip to facinating St Louise today before departing for final border into the Gambia tomorrow with the ‘ferry crossing from hell’ and only 350 miles left. It’s been a lot more driving than we thought but great experience and great crowd of people.

6 Responses to “Mauritania & Senegal”

  1. hilary Says:

    Do we get pictures from Gambia? Smiley happy faces having fun in the sun with the biros you took them.

    And ………. anyone for cava?

  2. harvatt Says:

    we dream of cava, beer, gin, camels….

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